Support Team

Nursing Station

Our Nurses are qualified professionals who are trained to follow quality standards and provide basic life support in case of any emergency. They are compassionate individuals serving patients with a smile who are very approachable and always ready to help.


The Nurses assist both doctors and patients in all departments and perform various medical procedures such as taking vitals, ECG, nebulisation, administering vaccines, and phlebotomy.
They also assist patients with health education and ear piercing. Although we have nurses dedicated to each department, our nursing team trains to cover up in other departments.

Panacea Admin Team


Panacea Admin Team

Administration and Affiliates

The Panacea team comprises of staff that takes care of IT, Reception, finance and HR.


All staff are qualified and trained for their roles and work to provide the top possible service to Panacea patrons, individuals and corporates alike. They are passionate about their work and work to enhance the Panacea experience of patrons and are willing to take on new responsibilities and challenges such as moving from paper to electronic medical records. We also outsource some of our work to our affiliate partners.


ISO Compliant Medical Lab

The Lab team maintains quality standards for accreditation and works closely with other medical departments to support the clinicians. They constantly endeavour to maintain an efficient TAT (turn around time) to provide reports on time.


The Lab is led by our specialist clinical pathologist who ensures ISO compliance and examines all patient reports. The lab technicians perform lab tests and are instrumental in the analysis of the results. They also support patients and help with medical procedures like phlebotomy and adhere to the ISO 15189:2012 protocols.

Panacea Admin Team