Good Paediatrician in Dubai


Paediatrician in Dubai UAE

Varied healthcare needs of children ranging from common to complicated disorders to allergies are addressed with utmost care by employing advanced treatment protocols.


The department provides expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of:
Allergic disorders such as bronchial asthma, allergic rhinitis, eczema.
Common gastrointestinal infections.
Management of urinary tract infections, respiratory infections and other common ailments.
Well baby checkup.



Additionally the department also provides:

  • Vaccinations
  • Diet advice
  • Treatment of minor injuries and burns
  • Home visits

The Paediatric department at Panacea caters to the needs of children from birth to 16 years. The department delivers personalised and comprehensive healthcare to patients whilst also offering preventive services. 


Play areas and toys are an integral part of the department alongside medical equipment to keep patients entertained and happy during consultations. The department’s staff is experienced in handling children in different moods to facilitate examination, screening, monitoring, and treatment. 


The department endeavours to constantly reduce the stress of children and their families by attending to them as quickly as possible, answering queries and providing adequate support.


Based on latest medical guidelines, our paediatricians have immense experience and deep knowledge about the health issues affecting the paediatric population of United Arab Emirates.


We believe in child care that is holistic in approach. It involves taking care of child’s overall health needs including nutrition, growth, development and immunisation. For parents looking for a paeditrician in Dubai, our doctors and nurses take extra care in allaying worries and anxieties of parents and the family by empathetically discussing the issues and providing proper educational information.


Our pediatric department deals with all the diseases and disorders in children. It includes the management of repeated respiratory infections, adenoid and tonsil enlargement, asthma and other allergic disorders, eczema , poor weight and height gain, feeding problems, obesity, constipation among others.


We provide all immunisations including those under National Immunisation Schedule of UAE and other important vaccines. Physicians themselves administer the vaccines in our department. The clinic keeps a record of vaccinations of all children and reminds the parents about the due vaccination date.


Monitoring of growth and nutrition of the child is given utmost importance. Growth parameters like weight, height are regularly monitored during visits and recorded. Children are checked for signs of anaemia, iron and vitamin deficiencies during each visit. Appropriate dietetic and feeding advice is provided to all.


Children are routinely screened for developmental disorders like developmental delay, autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and learning disorders.


The paediatric consulting rooms are pleasantly decorated to keep kids engaged. Our staff takes special care to keep the toys and the consultation and waiting areas clean. The nursing staff is also adequately trained and experienced in dealing with paediatric patients.