Our Purpose



To become a leading healthcare organisation that helps patients achieve and maintain an optimum level of health and wellness.



To provide immaculate healthcare and service to patients while advising them about preventive, curative and well being aspects of their ailments.



Our philosophy is modern preventive and curative treatment combined with holistic wellbeing. Whilst we practice evidence based medicine for curing illnesses, we believe it is important to advise patients on what they can do to prevent them. We believe in a holistic approach to treatment.




The Panacea Pledge


The Panacea Pledge is symbolic of the organisation’s values. The Panacea people hold knowledge, commitment and trust highest in order to give their best to help patients.


The team took this pledge on the eve of the centre’s inauguration:


“We pledge to provide infinite care and service to all our customers”.



Established in 2010 


Panacea Medical & Wellness Centre was founded in 2010 with an aim to provide outpatient services with a focus on wellness.


The name “Panacea” pronounced Pana-sia is the name of the Goddess of healing in Greek Mythology. In English, the word panacea means a “solution to all problems”. The logo is derived from the infinity sign symbolising infinite service to patients. The name and the business that was conceptualized in early 2010 was official when the Trade License was obtained later the same year.


Operations started in March 2011 after the Dubai Health Authority approved the facility. Panacea Medical and Wellness Centre now has more than 13,000 registered patients. The staff at the centre do their best to keep patrons happy.




Compassionate Healing and More Choice


We are compassionate to our patrons and strive to do our best to make them and their families more comfortable.


Panacea Medical & Wellness Centre is a multi-specialty primary health care centre serving patients in Dubai for many years. Panacea’s team is comprised of very experienced doctors who have previously worked for government and private hospitals and clinics in UAE and abroad. Panacea encourages and requires its personnel to work in an honest, ethical and considerate manner.


The centre’s mission is to provide immaculate healthcare service to patients, while advising them on preventive, curative and well-being aspects of their ailments. A contemporary and spacious facility, it provides a relaxing ambience and has friendly staff. 


Preventive Health Services


Apart from annual health check-ups, we organize complimentary educational seminars and health checks with an aim to prevent disease.


We want to increase awareness about common health conditions and diseases and what can be done to prevent and /or manage them to build a healthy community around us. With this in mind, we organize health promotions, campaigns, and events to increase the general well-being of our patrons.


We regularly observe common health days such as World Hypertension Day, World Diabetes Day, World Health Day, World No Tobacco Day, Global Wellness Day, Breast Cancer Awareness Month etc and organize complimentary health checks, seminars and displays to mark these days and increase awareness about medical conditions.


Maintaining good health requires a consistent effort and includes following a balanced diet, exercising moderately, assessing body parameters and becoming aware of medical conditions and their implications. We offer annual health check up packages where our doctors focus on you and offer personalized advice based on your specific history, symptoms if any and findings to improve your health.