Given that we live in a region with year-round sunshine, we tend to take our Vitamin D levels for granted. However, a two-year study conducted by the Dubai Health Authority which was reported in 2017, indicates that 85% of children and adults in the UAE are at risk of Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency.


Vitamin D deficiency can lead to a host of problems, such as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults, and other medical conditions such as liver disease.


Vitamin D deficiency can cause bone and joint pain, muscle cramps, fatigue, and mood changes. Children who are Vitamin D deficient during the first 10 years of their lives are at a higher risk to develop multiple sclerosis during their lifetime. Pregnant women suffering from Vitamin D deficiency face higher chances of pre-eclampsia and premature delivery. Obesity is also a factor, as obese people need 2-3 times more Vitamin D than the average person.


Vitamin D deficiency can also lead to calcium deficiency, as Vitamin D in its active form helps the body to absorb calcium more efficiently. Therefore, even if you are consuming enough calcium, deficient Vitamin D levels would lead to inefficient absorption of calcium, which could cause a calcium deficiency.


We highly recommend that people in the UAE test their Vitamin D levels on a regular basis!


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