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November-December 2019 Newsletter

Season’s Greetings from the Panacea Team Season’s Greetings from Dr Menon, Dr Kaul, Dr Kumar, Dr Ruma, Dr Moutusi, Dr Madhu, Dr Alok, Dr Varun, Dr Jyoti, Sonia, Merie, Margaret, Shabbir, Thilini, Sharal, Shilna, Nisha, Vanessa, Rashmi, Merin and Claire. Dermatology Promotion  B...

Panacea team meets the Rock of Dubai

The Panacea team had the chance to meet Walid Yari, the Rock of Dubai and coach Suleiman of Aventura Adventures at the Rush-a-Way Mercedes-Benz Challenge

Health Day at BNI Champions

Health Day for the BNI Champions organised by the Panacea Team  

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