Walk With Us Campaign

“Walk with Us” campaign launched to encourage more people to brisk walk

Panacea Medical & Wellness Centre launched their “Walk with Us” campaign last night. The Centre’s doctors and other staff along with guests brisk walked to create awareness about the importance of exercising 30 minutes a day to improve health.

“Brisk walking 30 minutes a day helps to reduce the risk of obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes which are major concerns for the UAE population,” said Dr. Vasanthakumar, Specialist Internal Medicine at Panacea.

Medical research has shown that 30 minutes of brisk walking helps to maintain body weight; prevent and/or manage cardiovascular disease, hypertension and type 2 diabetes; strengthen bones and muscles, and enhance mood and thereby reduce stress.

The centre has launched this complimentary initiative to show how easy it is to perform this simple task wherever you are and improve your health. The Panacea Team will be brisk walking for 30 minutes every Wednesday at 7 pm in the neighborhood until the end of May 2018. The centre is a multi-specialty outpatient facility located in the Umm Hurair 1 area of Dubai.