June 2022

Welcome to the June 2022 edition of Your Health, Your Wellness, Your
Panacea, the monthly newsletter of Panacea Medical & Wellness
Centre, Dubai.

We offer services in General Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynaecology,
Infertility & Reproductive Medicine, Paediatrics, Immunizations, and
Preventive Health Check-ups. Our Dental services include General &
Cosmetic Dentistry, Implantology & Periodontics and Orthodontics. We
also offer Pathology services in our ISO 15189:2012 compliant


Travel Vaccines Promotion for Children

We are offering travel vaccines at a 10%
Discount from 1 to 30 Jun 2022. This includes the vaccinations to
protect against Hepatitis A (Jaundice) and Typhoid for children above 2
years of age. It should be given at least 2 weeks before travel to allow
the vaccines to work well. Please book with Dr K. R. Menon, Specialist



Global Wellness Day

Saturday, 11 June 2022, is Global Wellness
Day. We urge you to set your wellness goals for the rest of the year on
this day and celebrate the day by doing one activity of your choice that
makes you feel positive and healthy.
Tag us in your photos.
#YourWellnessDimensions #CompassionateHealingAndMoreChoice.


Vit D Promotion

Those who are mostly indoors and have
little sun exposure, are overweight or have darker skin are likely to be
Vit D deficient. Vitamin D deficiency causes a loss in bone density,
compromised immune function and side effects such as tiredness, weight
gain and muscle & joint pain. We will be offering Vit D testing at a
very special rate of AED 124 only from 1 to 30 June 2022. Get tested


Health Focus: Lose your visceral or belly fat to stay healthy  

  • Eat more fibre such as salad greens, beans and whole grains
  • Include weight lifting in your workout
  • Reduce consumption of saturated fat and full-fat dairy foods
  • Do interval training by adding a few bursts of intensity to your cardio
  • Sleep no less than 5 hours but no more than 9 hours a night
  • Manage your stress as cortisol-the stress hormone-boosts belly fat
  • Give up smoking if you smoke
  • Aim for a waist size of no more than 35 inches for ladies & 40 inches for men