Thank you for your Patronage in 2021

Dear Patrons,
We would like to thank you for your patronage in 2021. We are very grateful that you have trusted us, liked us, chosen us, and we hope to serve you with compassion in the coming year.

It has been another tough year and most of you must be vaccinated for COVID-19 by now.

Going forward, don’t let your guard down – take precautions to protect yourself and your family from this pandemic and build your immunity with good nutrition, necessary vaccinations, exercise, sound sleep and frequent de-stressing activities such as deep breathing, mindfulness and meditation.

We would like to share a few highlights of 2021 and would love to get your feedback on our services and suggestions on what other services you would like us to add to our portfolio.

Yours in Health,
Dr K. R. Menon, Sonia Satham and Team Panacea


January – We started 2021 by creating awareness about cervical cancer prevention for girls between the ages of 9 and 26, who can take a vaccine to protect themselves from Cervical cancer.
February – In February, we offered couples a unique Valentine’s gift of a dental checkup, scaling and polishing.

March: We celebrated our 10th year of operations in March and the theme was gratitude. We expressed our gratitude to our patients, our sponsor, our staff, our suppliers and our well-wishers. We also launched our Paediatric Weight Management program.
April: On the occasion of World Health Day, we organized a display under the theme Building a Healthier World highlighting how everyone can increase their immunity and skin health with sleep, good hydration and nutrition, exercise and stress management.


May –  We completed our 10-week Immunity Wednesdays campaign, where we offered patrons a free consultation and information leaflets to educate them about how they can increase their health resilience with protein, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.
We also upgraded our clinic and lab management systems with a new software, HIMES.
June – We offered post-COVID tests at a discounted rate for those who had recently recovered from COVID-19 to facilitate their recovery.

July – In the summer, we offered free breast examinations and free orthodontics consultations. We also supported aspiring medical students by offering summer observerships at our clinic.
August – We ran a Vitamin D testing promotion for both adults and children that proved to be very popular.

September: We offered tetravalent flu shots to children and adults. We also launched partner offers for HSBC, Emirates NBD, Emirates Islamic Bank cardholders and Smiles and Saver App users to use our services at a discounted rate.
October: We organised free breast examinations by our specialists in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and presented a Breast Cancer Awareness seminar to the ladies at Mohamed Hilal Group as a part of our CSR.

November – We offered preventive health check-ups to our patrons at half price to encourage them to find out if their body parameters were within normal range so they could make appropriate lifestyle changes.
December – We organised a Patient Journey seminar and mime for the staff to improve efficiency and officially welcomed new staff members who had recently joined our team.