Comparing Dentures, Dental Bridges and Dental Implants

Dental Bridges and Dental Implants

In this Blog, Dr. Alok Mehta compares Dentures to Dental implants, where he is able to highlight the long-term retention and stability of implants. It is clearly evident that Dental implants have an upper hand over dentures. As you see in the table below that compares Dental Implants to Dentures, that though Dental implants require more treatment time compared to Dentures and are also costlier but if average cost calculated over 10-15 years Dental Implants are cheaper or equivalent to dentures as they require least replacement or maintenance.


Dentures Dental Implants
1. Removable prosthesis 1. Fixed prosthesis
2. Less Patient satisfaction due to fear denture falling off during various oral activities 2. Greater patient satisfaction due firm fit
3. Reduced self confidence 3. Improved self confidence
4. Due to removable in nature, do not provide adequate satisfaction while chewing 4. Adequate satisfaction in chewing
5. Reduced biting force 5. Helps provide adequate biting force
6. May alter speech 6. No change in speech
7. Requires increased daily maintenance 7. No separate maintenance
8. Need for replacement or adjust the base frequently to bone resorption. 8. No need to replace or adjust.


Similarly, we will also try and compare the Dental Bridges and Dental Implants:

Dental Bridges Dental Implants
1. They are faster to fabricate and deliver 1. It requires comparatively more time
2. Bridge teeth (Abutments) need to be shaved down to accommodate the new material over it 2. No need to damage or alter adjacent teeth. Thus protecting the natural structure of teeth.
3. Bridge teeth often develop sensitivity and pain over time hence eventually need to be root canalled 3. No damage to adjacent teeth so no need for any treatment to adjacent teeth.
4. Average bridge life is 10-12 years. 4. Implant success rate is 95-98%
5. Bridges do not help in preserving the bone or the soft tissue in the missing teeth area causing recession which can be aesthetically not good. 5. Implants do not cause any bone loss, thus helping preserve bone & tissue shape.
6. Abutments (Bridge Teeth) can still develop cavities or can develop cracks/fracture in tooth. 6. Implants do not get cavities and have very less possibilities of developing cracks/ fracture.
7. Needs support teeth in front and behind the edentulous space (missing teeth area). 7. No requirement of support teeth. It can stand individually.
8. Less costly 8. Costly, but average cost over the long run is equivalent or less.

The above comparison clearly shows the advantages of Dental Implant over dental bridge in the long run, preserving the natural tooth & bone.
With development of Dental Science, Dental Implantology is also evolving in thus helping in providing a precise and accurate implant for ideal functioning and health of the oral cavity.

Dr Alok Mehta, MDS Specialist Dentist (Implantology & Periodontology)