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The dietetics department caters to the wellness aspect of patient’s health. It provides services to healthy individuals looking to improve their lifestyle as well as those under a physician’s care who need advice on slightly modified diet as per their requirements.

Equipped with a Tanita segmental body analyzer, that provides a detailed profile of the patient’s fat, muscle and water content, the department advises individuals on their nutritional requirements for improving sports performance, pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss and lifestyle change to reduce risk of Type 2 diabetes and diseases of the heart and arteries.

The department aims to provide support to other departments by addressing the diet requirements and restrictions in cases of diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, liver or kidney related disorders and management of other disorders where diet plays a major role.





Some other activities of the Wellness & Dietetics department:

  • Assessment / screening (height, weight and BMI testing)
  • Recall and questionnaire ( food habits, health status and family history analysis)
  • Nutrition diagnosis & intervention (to identify potential problems & solve them)
  • Personalised diet charts
  • Patient support (exercise & lifestyle advise, food diary, follow up charts, recipes)
  • Monitoring
  • Sports nutrition
  • Pregnancy nutrition
  • Paediatric nutrition
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